East Asia For Computer Systems

Our History

East Asia was founded in the year 2000 and is working in the field of information technology. Since its foundation, it has had the fundamentals and rules of business to be one of the leading companies in information technology and form a wide relationship and good reputation known in the market at the level of the whole country.

From the beginning, seriousness and commitment has been East Asia’s slogan to achieve the demands of customers and companies and after this period, East Asia succeeded in achieving a great reputation that gave it a good chance in the field of business with clients, governmental & private institutions, and continuous technical support and the completion of difficult work tasks based on quality, experience and efficiency.

During this period East Asia focused on the fact that its products are original products of high quality to maintain its reputation and provide technical support to customers through our website.

Our Vision

East Asia has been keen since it started from the first year to be one of the largest companies in this field.

East Asia has learned well that this will be achieved only with the cooperation and work in full swing with the spirit of the team in working side by side with satisfying our clients in the means of fast and efficiency in performance and maintain high product quality while ensuring that our products are delivered internally and externally in cooperation with the largest agents in the Middle East and with providing the best products to satisfy local market which led us to become one of the best companies in the computer world. And as we became one of the leading companies in the field and entrusted from our client that we have been keen to be present in the largest and most famous computer malls in Egypt and abroad to have a branch at least in each mall and sometimes we had to have more than one branch in the same mall.